About us

Core Values

Patient-Centered Care
In all their accomplishments, al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories are guided by the needs of its patients.

Continuous Learning
al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories actively support outstanding programs of education and training designed to enhance the knowledge and skills that are of value to their staff.

al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories strive to acquire and understand relevant information, and shares it clearly and effectively.

al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories develop and strengthen collaborative relationships with all of their customers, including their patients, their families, their employees, volunteers, medical staff, and their business partners.

Human Resources
al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories support the professional and personal growth of their employees in their pursuit of the laboratory’s mission.

Organizational Ethics
al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories are steered by ethical values that emphasize integrity, honesty, fairness, dignity, and respect for all individuals.

Superior Performance
al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories strive for superior performance in all their activities, to preserve the laboratories' clinical, organizational and financial strength.

Who we are

al mokhtabar is the largest private medical laboratory testing company in the Middle East, providing diagnostic laboratory services, pathological and clinical tests for medical communities in Egypt...


Mission and vision

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in the field of laboratory medicine in the Middle East. We achieve our vision through...


Our Team

al mokhtabar's medical team consists of more than 1500 employees; including more than 200 doctors who provide our patients with a comprehensive menu of routine and specialized tests.


Unit Heads