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Our Team

al mokhtabar's medical team consists of more than 1500 employees; including more than 200 doctors who provide our patients with a comprehensive menu of routine and specialized tests.

Great care is given in selecting the suitable individuals to work at al mokhtabar, both on the administrative and technical levels. al mokhtabar units' heads are all university professors with PhDs, while branches heads are also university staff with Masters degree at least.

There is a wide variety of medical laboratory professionals inside the units and branches who affect patient care on a daily basis. Many of them practice in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, blood banks, among other facilities. They include pathologists, medical technologists, medical laboratory scientists, phlebotomists, laboratory managers and quality managers. Among the units that make up the medical laboratory are chemistry, endocrinology, virology, immunology, parasitology, hematology, molecular biology, cytogenetics pathology, microbiology, and flowcytometry. All those dedicated professionals of our laboratory team with one goal in mind—quality patient care.

As integrated members of the clinical care team, pathologists diagnose diseases and determine test results. In turn, these test results drive a significant portion of clinical decisions from diagnosis to therapy, and pathologists and their medical laboratory professionals often serve as a resource to fellow clinical colleagues and patients.

Who we are

al mokhtabar is the largest private medical laboratory testing company in the Middle East, providing diagnostic laboratory services, pathological and clinical tests for medical communities in Egypt...


Mission and vision

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in the field of laboratory medicine in the Middle East. We achieve our vision through...


Core Values

Patient-Centered Care In all their accomplishments, al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories are guided by the needs of its patients...


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