CAP Accreditation – the Golden Standard in Medical Lab Accreditation

In August 2010, al mokhtabar medical laboratories received the CAP accreditation in every unit of al mokhtabar laboratories, thus becoming the only CAP accredited lab in Egypt. CAP accreditation is the golden standard in the field of medical lab accreditation; it means providing the right patient with the right results at the right time!


al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories - NOW in Sudan

al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories launched a new branch in Sudan offering over than 1200 clinical analysis to serve the Sudanese people with the highest level of quality and accuracy.


Al Borg Group partners with Al Mokhtabar Laboratories to create new medical diagnostics business in Middle East and South Asia

The two leading diagnostic labs in Egypt, Al Borg and Al Mokhtabar, announced their intent to merge and create the largest medical diagnostics business in the Middle East and South Asia with an estimated market share of less than 10% in the Egyptian medical diagnostic market.


al mokhtabar Diagnostic Center – the only one stop shop for accurate diagnosis in Egypt!

Our experience and reputation in Egypt as the leading medical laboratory is unsurpassed and we bring the same sense of professionalism and commitment and quality to our newly established diagnostic centre. You can be sure of the quality & accuracy of all our diagnostic tools, because we have qualified and dedicated professionals, including the top notch doctors in the country in addition to using the best equipment and reagents.