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Unit Heads

Department Name Title # of Doctors # of Technicians
Anatomic Pathology Dr. Ahmed Abd EL Aziz
  • Head of  Anatomic Pathology Unit   
  • Professor of Pathology / Faculty of Medicine/Cairo University
11 6
Virology Dr. Hend El Sherbini
  • Head of  Virology Unit
  • Laboratory CEO
  • General Lab Director
  • Professor of clinical pathology
  • Faculty of Medicine/Cairo University
1 9
Immunology Dr. Moamena Kamel
  • Head of Immunology Unit
  • Chairman of Al mokhtabar Laboratories
  • Professor Of Clinical Pathology
  • Faculty Of  Medicine/Cairo University
3 10
Chemistry Dr. Abd EL Aziz EL Nokaly
  • Head of Chemistry Unit
  • Professor of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Medicine/El Azhar University
2 15
Endocrinology Dr. Ola EL Sisi
  • Head of Endocrinology Unit   
  • Professor of clinical pathology
  • Faculty of Medicine/Cairo University
2 10
Bacteriology Dr. Somia Abd EL Latif
  • Head of Microbiology Unit    
  • Professor of Microbiology / Faculty of Medicine/Cairo University
6 10
Parasitology Dr. Azza EL Adawi
  • Head of Parasitology Unit    
  • Professor of Parasitology / Faculty of Medicine /Cairo University
5 7
Molecular Biology Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Ali
  • Head of Molecular Biology Unit    
1 5
Hematology Dr. Hala Sheba
  • Head of Hematology Unit    
  • Professor of Clinical pathology /Faculty of Medicine /Cairo University
14 10
Chemical Biogenetic Dr.Amer Goda
  • Head of Chemical Biogenetic Unit    
  • Associate Professor, Human National Research Centre
1 1
Flow Cytometery Dr. Soha Unis
  • Head of Flow Cytometry Unit    
  • Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology/Faculty of Medicine/Suez Canal University
1 2
Cytogenetics Dr. Hesham Fayek
  • Head of Cytogenetics Unit    
  • Associate Professor, Human National Research Centre
Quality Assurance Unit Dr. Marwa Mowafy
  • Head of Q.A Unit    
  • Doctorate of Pharmaceutical science, MBA, and Diploma of TQM, infection control & hospital administration AUC
3 2
Units Manager Dr. Ihab Abdel Raouf
  • Master of clinical pathology    


Who we are

al mokhtabar is the largest private medical laboratory testing company in the Middle East, providing diagnostic laboratory services, pathological and clinical tests for medical communities in Egypt...


Mission and vision

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in the field of laboratory medicine in the Middle East. We achieve our vision through...


Core Values

Patient-Centered Care In all their accomplishments, al mokhtabar Medical Laboratories are guided by the needs of its patients...


Our Team

al mokhtabar's medical team consists of more than 1500 employees; including more than 200 doctors who provide our patients with a comprehensive menu of routine and specialized tests.